Old Year’s Resolution

(Old Stuff: SUNDAY, JANUARY 4, 2009)

*sigh* its that time of the year again, resolutions are a big suxx, i mean you make ’em and break ’em anyway. My List:

1. World Peace. (yes i’m training to be miss universe)

2. 8 mega pixel. (Idiot:whats your resolution? ME: 8 mega pixel XD )

3. Have more sex. (any sex at all is more than no sex you know)

4. Realise it aint gonna happen. (*cough*LOSER*cough*)

5.Finish reading LOTR. (*sigh*)

6.Quit smoking for the 58th time. *lights a smoke* DAMNIT!!!! ok, for the 59th time then.

7. Go out on a date with Emma De Caunes (if you don’t know her die! or Google the name, whichever you prefer)

8. Solve the following, If you are playing in E minor, you are playing in G major, so can you make a solo on E major? And if you are playing on E harmonic minor what is the relative major? If you are playing in C without playing F or F# then you are also playing in G right?

9. Get formal guitar lessons from a teacher who doesn’t charge a bomb (the teachers think i know too much for a beginner :|)

10. Save enough money to buy that bass (resoultion shifted from last year which was shifted from an year before that)

11. Quit smoking for the 60th time

12. Make necromantic rituals to bring cliff burton back to life. (Heehahahahahahaha)

13. Tell Lars that Metallica is dead and tell him to go take his medictaion (i eej shtill a phanboi)

14. Tell Dave he sounds like Saif Ali Khan

15. Tell Saif he sounds like Dave Mustaine

16. Record his “Waeow” at that moment (heheh)

17. Make a list of people I hate and send them to an Altaf Raja concert

18. Tell them that Altaf Raja is unavailable and sing his songs myself 8)

19. Figure out why people on beaches wear chuddies with GOA imprinted on them, or wear pink for that matter (/Pink\)

20. Whats the thing about hawaian shirts..they look tacky as hell.

21. Solve the folowing: *why did the chicken cross the road? (because it saw a cock on the other side maybe) *hum chlormint kyun khaate hai? (damnphool! doobara mat poochna) *melody itni choclaty kyun hai? (this can only be solved with referance to einstein’s theory of relativity)

22. Quit smoking for the 61st time

AILA!!! thats too long, *pause* *changes title, 22 thing to do before you are 22* Happy Nude Ears you’all XD


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