Evilita Vs Moshobaki

evitasaldanha: *throws shuriken*
Akshay: *dodges and whacks it back with katana*

evitasaldanha: *whacks it back and says no return*

Akshay: *falls down while laughing and hence avoids deadly attack*
*wonder why Evilita Shade is taking panga at EOD*

evitasaldanha: *telepathically communicates to Bevda that she is waiting for a conference to start so has all the time in the world*

Akshay: *telepathically laughs alound, but endears self pity, at EOD when work is to pile at 8:30, and furtehr briefs from GPS keep coming, the wounded samurai has to defend against teh deadly ninja ambush, but Sakinanka Kavebda shall fight and live to see anotehr day*

evitasaldanha: *retreats to den of silence*

Akshay: *repects the code of ninja honur*


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