Ze Vitruvian Man


Yep there’s a pattern on which this universe works. (Or so I think.)

This pattern is processed by the human cognition. Simple learning and
application. That results in patterns which end up solving themselves and cause the
world go around, and also the fuck ups that are tied with it.

Assumptions to begin with –
Time – Space – Energy are the three constants.

What is this code?

Step 1 was Mr. Erich Von Daniken. (Chariot Of The Gods)
Step 2 was Mr. Devdutt Patanaik (An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata)
Step 3 was Mr. Masume Shirow (Ghost in the fucking shell! \m/)

and now I come across a rather substantial find.
I came across this earlier and passed it up simply because I hadn’t
learned enough to apply .

The Vitruvian Man is a set example on how the human body is proportioned.
Metaphysical, philosophical, poetic instances aside isn’t it all numbers?
A normal equation is a variable attached to a quantity set through its
own algorithm equaling something. (defined or undefined is not the

The Vitruvian man is the human physiological algorithm.

Vitruvius (the dude on whom the ‘Vitruvian’ man is named after)
applied these concepts to architecture. And well it worked.
The human body is the epitome of what technology can produce.
Your eyes are light sensors.
Your ears sound transducers.
The brain is fucking thesis on its own but It can be classified as an electric circuit in it loosest and elementary terms.
The heart works on insane fluid dynamics!
The list is too long.

We have miles to go before we can do something that equals the magnitude of human creation.

Well how difficult is it to create a human? As easy as sex.

Mr. Da Vinci, now let’s see you what you have to say.
(Notice the little scale at the bottom of the illustration. hmm… I
think I’m on to something here)

Find a set of patterns and then, well, apply them to whatever you want 🙂
That’s dehplan…


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