Lost Chapters: First Encounter In The Labyrinth

In the midst of the labyrinth he met a man who could tell him everything he wanted to know. He was startled at this horrid creature who was frail to the bone. Long dead hair and a large mustache hung weakly from the dying skin.

The man looked up. “Do not think I am dying. I have died a thousand deaths each more gruesome than the last. This cycle entraps me forever. After each death I am left with only some to grow only to be murdered again and again. I beg each attempt to be the last. My life is a new life and a new death every day. They say they try to break my soul. They try. They still haven’t found a way. Lest you think I am proud. I sometimes wish this soul would indeed break. My body suffers every time they try. Oh the wounds they hurt. But they’re my only companion for the cold nights.”

His face froze looking at the glint in the horrid man’s eyes.

The man smiled. “I have all the answers lad, what questions do you have for me?”


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