Tale be told of the two alchemists…


[Alchemist – Painting by Josepgh Wright of Derby, 1771]

They spent all summer fixing the apparatus and getting the test tubes and vials cleaned. The Elixir was to be made, and they wouldn’t rest till they concocted it.

Before long, the day arrived for the experiment to begin and after 49 days the experiment had reached fruition.

The clear fluid in the last test tube captivated the sights of the two faithful.

The first put it to his lips. He didn’t feel a thing.

The second put it to his lips. He shouted in astonishment.

“My friend, my dear friend! Our work has paid off! Look look! The gold is in me!”

The first, wild with envy, pinned his partner to the floor.

“Where is the gold?” he spewed, “Why have you kept secrets from me? After all we did together you want to keep it or yourself? Share it with me you selfish mutt!”

With every bit of equipment in the laboratory the angry one ripped and pulled his colleague’s insides out.

He found no gold.

Only blood.


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