Why I write

A writer is a person who uses written words to communicate ideas.
I guess by that definition I’m a writer, I suppose you can be one as well.

I started writing as an exercise to make sense of all that I saw around me.
It did not take me long to realise that the grand collective conscious around me consisted of our thoughts and actions intertwined together in a totality. I tried to make sense of the whys, the hows, the wheres and the whens but the more I tried to make sense of it, the lesser sense it made.

We are all sleepwalking during the day time and wake-walking in our dreams.
There is no real difference in how your brain perceives dream and reality.

I write to keep track of what my mind thinks, be it real or not.
More importantly, I write to keep my thoughts getting mixed up with everyone else’s.

Our reality however is however the same and indestructible.
Beyond the perception of our isolated fractal existence there is is a totality that will not go away even you stop believing in it.


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