Dude, are we living inside a computer? or are we not?

So, Rich Terrile, a NASA Scientist, says that there was a ‘programmer’ from the future who came around and ‘simulated’ ancient history as we know it and we are basically living ‘The Sims’ in someone else’s computer

On the other hand Massimo Pigliucci, author of Answers for Aristotle and Professor of Philosophy, says it’s not quite that simple and that we should think beyond plugging our brains to the Playstation.

Guys, I think y’all are smart and shit but hear me out…

A computer is a machine with a set of fixed commands. Computing has evolved only because the brains using it and developing it have evolved.

The universe on it’s own is a set of fixed algorithms, so yes, we are indeed living in a simulation.

It may not be ‘someone else’s computer’ or in a ‘computer game’ but it is definitely one large network where all of us exist.

I believe that our network is built on the Universal Source Code but I also think that the source code to the universe is as mysterious and unfathomable as the universe itself.


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