A Slum For The Rich

Marked by walls and putrid tiles,
Lies a sanctum for reasons and lies.
Thus insecure lies a man within
Has not seen light for a while.
What do these walls protect,
What do these heavy gates guard,
A serene facade of sanity,
Or reasons why one tried too hard.
These walls that protect shall also divide,
The sky above you the roof blocks.
Division of a demented minds,
a lack of freedom that one forgot.
Caged in gravel, concrete and dust,
where once was life now decay and rust.
Rodents feel more free,
the strays outside the walls more at peace.

What do thee hold in mind?
A phony smile, behold hundreds of swine
Longing for the end of war, inside
Through closure of time, thou walls shall fight
Thou engraved silence rules the realm of senses
Stranded in the web, thou reap your crops
Them four walls, they laugh aloud
And them four candles, they burn and shout.

Mark my words for they are bleak
the judgement cometh not for the frail and weak

Brick by brick the walls were built,
and brick by brick the walls shall fall,

A slum for the rich,
A slum for the rich,

Your city, gentleman,

Reduced to a slum for the rich.



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